Wednesday, 20 July 2016

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Ethnico App-India's First Ethnic Discovery App

India can be probably called as the land of cultures as it has different languages, religions, dance, music etc and each state in India has different cultures. While taking about cultures wedding is one of the most important one as it is the beginning of a new life for people.

Indian weddings has many specialties as compared to other countries wedding. Different people in India has different types of wedding cultures. While thinking about wedding the first thing that comes to our mind is about Mehndi and Rangolies that the bride put on the wedding days.

Many of us will probably look for some cool Mehndi and Rangoli Designs for our dear ones. Luckily we have got Ethnico App which provides you thousands of Ethnic designs including Mehndi Designs,Rangoli and Designer Sarees and Suits.Lets have a look at the Ethnico App.

What is Ethnico App?

Ethnico App is the India's first Ethnic discovery app for Mehndi,Rangoli and Ethnic wear designs. You can find latest Mehndi/Henna designs and Ethnic wear designs which you need for your important moments. Ethnico provides best mehndi designs for brides,wedding suits and designer suites for wedding and much more.

Ethnico App-India's First Ethnic Discovery App
Ethnico App has the following categories for you:-
  • MEHENDI:-It has many Mehendi designs from many users and you can browse all and select the best suitable one.
  • BEAUTY & GROOMING:-This category covers all the beauty and grooming items needed for important moments in your life.
  • WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY:-It contains various wedding photographs of people and different designs which you can choose.
  • WEDDING SERVICES:-It has a wide collection of various wedding services all around India and you can choose the better one.
  • BRIDAL:-It has some good bridal pictures which you need to check before taking any important decisions.
  • BLOUSE DESIGNS:-As the name says it shows the collection of various blouse designs.
  • SUITS:-It shows best trending collection of suits.
  • SAREES:-It has a large collection of various saree design which you must see.
  • LEHENGAS:-No words...contains many new designs.
  • KURTIS AND TOPS:-Contains some of the cool kurtis and tops designs.
  • FOOTWAEAR:-Yes it also has some dashing collection of footwear designs which is very much required for your moments.
  • JEWELLERY:- Yes girls,there is jewellery too. Probably you must look these designs before going for shopping.
  • RANGOLI:- This category shows some cool rangoli designs for you.
  • WALLPAPERS:- Yes it has got some beautiful wallpapers...check it.
  • HOME & LIVING:- It has got home & living category too.
  • FOOD:-You will get information about some cool food stuffs too.
  • HOROSCOPE:-You don't need to go elsewhere to check the horoscope.
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS:- It has some useful health tips and information.
  • SPIRITUALITY:- As the name says,it gives spiritual content.
  • FESTIVALS:-It gives various pictures and information about festivals.

While checking the categories we can see Ethnico App provides all things that we need in our life. Just check the category and you will wonder about the information that the app provides for you. It is also one of the top rated app in the play store and more than 1 million downloads which clearly shows the popularity of the app.

Another important feature of Ethnico App is that we can upload our own designs of mehendis and rangolis and all other designs that belongs to the above category. In short it is a social app which allows users to share their information with other people.It also has services such as finding mehendi artists,beauticians,fashion designers and much more which is very much beneficial to all of us.

Ethnico app is equally useful for all including men and women. If you are getting ready for a festival or wedding or any other function you must check Ethnico app to get some ideas about various designs for mehendis,suits etc.

I am a proud user of Ethnico app from past one month and from my experience it is a cool app to track new designs in the market and i personally use it to check new designs and i strongly recommend Ethnico app to all users. You can get more information from Ethnico's website.Also more mehendi designs can be found on Ethnico's website. Happy Valentines Day WallpapersHappy Valentines Day

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

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Basic Things One Should Follow In Event Blogging

Event Blogging is the latest trend among bloggers.Many Experienced Bloggers tried Event Blogging and Get succeed while some other failed.There are some basic things one should follow in Event Blogging.Follow these basic things to get succeed in Event Blogging.

Event Blogging is all about making money in a single Day but all of you think Event Blogging is very Easy.It is not true.Once feels the difficulty only when you do a event blog.Remember you have to compete with a large number of experienced bloggers in case of a large event.But the real thruth is that you can win the race by following some basic things.Below i listed some of the basic things while doing a Event blogging.I am not going to explain all the SEO things we do for a long term blog.I just tell you the basic yet important secrets of Event Blogging.Follow these tips to get success in Event Blogging.

Basic Things One Should Follow

Below are some of the easiest things you can follow in your Event blog.Apart from this you should also follow the basic SEO techniques you done for your long term blog.

1) Backlink Is The King

Yes in Event Blogging backlink is the king.Backlinks play a vital role for ranking top in search engines.So make as much as backlink for your Event Blog.Please note that while making backlinks dont make backlinks from a spammy site.Generally search engines hates spammy backlinks and obiviously your rank gets drop in search engines.If you think to purchase backlink from services like Fiverr,Seoclerks etc please ensure that they provide good quality backlinks.
Also check whether your backlinks are indexed by searchengines.You can also make backlinks using backlink maker softwares.SO Backlink is the king for Event Blog,but Content is always the king for Long term blog.If you also focus on content in Event blog then no one can beat you.

2) Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the most important thing you should focus on Event blog.Probably all the Event blog doesn't have much content and also they may have very short posts.So Internal Linking is necessary.Internal linking also helps to reduce the bounce rate and helps to increase the average time the users stay on the blog.Link your important post with good Text.

3) Dont Place Too Much Advertisement

Obiviously Event blogging is for making huge money within short time.But think you will get money only if you get enough visitors.So dont place annoying popups or advertisements in the homepage.You can place a single 300*600 adsense unit on right top of homepage.Also you can place two more ads on appropriate places.You can also try the affliate marketing in your event blog.Try to select the products according to the event.Also place products which have good offers on the events.

If you are planning to use Adsense in your event blog,Then place only on event day.Because all the Event blogs violate Adsense policies and may result in account ban.Also try to switch account on event days for safety of your account.

4) Analyze Your Competitors

The most important thing is that analyse your competitors Event blog carefully.You must analyze about the backlinks,its quality and quantity.You can use Free backlink checker like ahrefs for this.Analyze what are the keywords they are focusing and all thing about your site.Also look for the competitors above and below your blog.Follow the SEO carefully so that you didnt hit by any search engine update.Try to post one post on each day for your event blog.Also select a good looking as well as high speed loading template for your blog for better results.You can use blogger or wordpress as you like.

5) Keyword Selection

It is also important in event blogging.Try to select low competition keyword for your event blog.If you focus on High competition keyword probably you will not gat good rank since there are a large number of good blog having high authority as well as backlinks.So find your own Keyword that should go with your blog.If you have good backlinks and good authority then you can go for high competition keywords.You can use Google Adwords Keyword planner for getting an idea about the competition of the keyword.

The above mentioned are only basics you should follow in Event blogging.Remember this is only for newbies in event blogging and i also didnt mentioned about the SEO part in blogging.Yo can do Onpage as well as Offpage SEO for better ranking in search engines.Try to follow these simple things in your event blog and i am sure that you will get a good ranking in searcch engines.Also try to focus on Bing and yahoo other than Google for getting more visitors.So my heartly wishes for you in your Event blog.If you have any doubt just contact me or comment below for getting results.If you like the post just share with your Friends Too.
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Saturday, 25 April 2015

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An Evaluation of Virtual Private Network Services (VPN)

Virtual Private Network in short VPN extends a private network within a private network.Usually VPN is established through a virtual point to point connection,virtual tunneling protocols etc.There are many VPN service providers available and selection must be done carefully after analyzing the needs.When you connect to a VPN, you usually launch a VPN client on your computer log in with your credentials, and your computer exchanges trusted keys with a far away server.The most important feature of VPN is that it encrypts the data that you send and receive so that no one external to the network can access your data.

While selecting the best VPN you must think about the server location,Protocols,price etc.Some suits best for short term use while other can be used for long term.The service you selected for VPN must provide enough resources.If you find trouble selecting the best VPN just search along the internet to get reviews about various service providers.Also there are some free VPN providers are available which give you satisfactory performance.Below are some factors you must consider while selecting the best VPN service provider:-

An Evaluation of Virtual Private Network Services


When you go for VPN you may see the words like like SSL/TLS,PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, and other VPN types.Protocol is actually the rules and regulations you follow in a network.SSL is the most commonly used protocol nowadays.Each protocol has its own merit and demerits.If you are a small user you don't need to concern about this and majority of VPN service providers work on SSL

2)Privacy and Logging

When you are using a VPN you believe the service providers and data is send and recieve through them.What happens if others in the network or the operator itself can access your data ?it is not desirable and you must read the Providers logging policies before selecting one.If you prefer greater privacy in your data then you must go with VPN providers that don't log your activities when connected.


Price is yet an important factor that determines the selection of good VPN service provider.There are Free VPN service providers as well as paid VPN service providers.Free VPN service providers are likely to log your activities and also contain contextual advertisements.On the other hand Paid VPN service providers have privacy for your data.Almost all paid VPN service providers trial for their services so that you can view the working and all other things provided by them.

There are numerous number of Virtual Private Network service providers are available and often they had competition in the field.Many VPN providers tell you a lot about their features but make sure that the features provided by them are worth for your price.Please read the terms and conditions of the service provider well before selecting the best one.If you are for small or unimportant purpose you can use free VPN service providers.Also try to read more reviews about the service provider you are planning to select for your need.
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Friday, 24 April 2015

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Starting Range of Sony Vaio laptops

Sony is one of the most promising brand in the electronic industry.They have wide range of accessories like Smartphone,Laptops,Music system and much more.Sony which is from Japan is now one of the biggest players in the world market in almost all electronic fields.Sony entered the laptop world by launched the "Vaio" series laptops in the market.The vaio series of sony become the top selling laptops in the starting phase,but couldn't able to keep the momentum.Due to stiff competition in the market and as a part of concentrating more on smart phones,Sony discontinued the PC business in early 2014.But today also many are using Sony laptops mainly because of its unique features.

Although Sony discontinued the vaio series laptops they will provide service to the existing models within the warranty period.Sony laptops comes with wide range of prices and i think its pretty costly as compared to other brands in the market.The base models of Sony laptops starts with about 30k and you can obviously get much good laptops at higher prices.Still many Sony laptops are available in the market because of its unique features.Below are some of the promising features of Sony Laptops:-

Starting Range of Sony Vaio laptops

Design and Features

Sony laptops have a high class design.They are remarkably slim,small and lightweight which helps you to carry it easily.Sony Vaio's unique colour enhance technology provides 3 user selectable modes of Vivid, Natural, and Text that optimize the viewing experience to match the application.Sony laptops give a stress free typing experience with its keyboard and also there are small Sony and Vaio logos on the lid which provide pleasantly subtle branding.Sony is far ahead from the competitors in design and features.


Sony vaio series have a better performance than other laptops.Many users gave 5 star rating to the performance of the Sony vaio series laptops.As compared to other laptops its performance is superior in all aspects.Sony Vaio laptops comes with wide range of specifications which makes it suitable for all applications like playing games,browsing etc.


VAIO uses “TRILUMINOS Display” technology which allow users to access to a wide palette of rich natural colors.This technology has made it possible to express differences in color more accurately.Display of Sony comes with exciting with true-to-life intensity,vibrant colours and real depth.Majority of Sony laptops comes with 1920x1080 pixels Full HD which gives you a good viewing experience.

In short Sony vaio series laptops are a better option to buy mainly because of the unique features it offers.The vaio series laptops starts at a range of 30k and goes beyond 100k for top end models in India.Although vaio series are discontinued yet its features and performance make it a good option before buying the laptops.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

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Reasons for why you should buy Asus Zenfone 2

Asus is one of the promising brand in the smart phone world.Latest news is that recently they launched their zenphone series smart phones which comes with super specifications along with budget cost.Asus Zenphone 2 which is new model,comes with many awesome specifications that you see in high end smart phones.Earlier they come with zenphone 5 which is a big hit in the Asian market.Asus Zenphone 5 has created a big impact on Indian market mainly because of its low cost along with high performance.The momentum created by Asus in Indian market by releasing zenphone 5 is hoped to continue with the release of its new model Asus Zenphone 2.

While coming to Asus zenphone 2 many new exciting features are added which will give a better experience than any other phone in its price range.The main feature of Asus zenphone 2 is its Display.Zenphone 2 comes with a large 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with a 1080p resolution with pixel density of 403 ppi.Full HD Display offers fantastic viewing angles and sharpness which helps to view video and play games with awesome experience.Asus zenphone 2(ZE551ML) comes with 2GB and 4GB ram which helps to avoid the slowness while performing a task.Asus Zenphone 2 will surely open a big competition to many big brands in india.The exciting features of Asus Zenphone include:-

Reasons for why you should buy Asus Zenfone 2


Asus Zenphone has a Luxurious Ultra-Thin Ergonomic Arc Design.Although it stucks with the design used in zenphone 5 yet its stunning design features gives a fresh look.The device comes with rounded corners, and the back has a significant curve to it that tapers down towards the edges, making for a very comfortable feel in the hand.Another notable change is that its volume rocker is on the back side of the phone as in LG's top end G-series.The rear casing is removable but the battery is not replaceable.


The Asus Zenfone 2 features a large 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with a 1080p resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 403 ppi.The display panel shows warm and slightly oversaturated colours by default, but you can adjust the colour temperature to suit your eyes in settings.The experience provided by the display is great which you can expect from a high end phone.

3)Performance and Hardware

Asus Zenfone 2 is powered by Intel's quad-core 2.3GHz Atom Z3580 processor, with PowerVR G6430 graphics chip, backed by 4GB/2GB RAM.It also has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.ASUS PixelMaster cameras integrate five brightness-enhancing lenses for excellent optical performance and distortion-free photos.The zenphone 2 is Dual sim which supports 2G,3G,4G on one sim slot and only 2G on other slot.There were no signs of any stutter or slowdown due to the presence of quad core processor along with 4GB RAM .

In simple words Asus Zenfone 2 is a pretty fantastic smartphone with high performance as well as budget cost.The entry of Asus zenphone will surely leads to big competition in the market especially in Asian countries.Asus zenphone 2 which is already launched in some asian countries will expected to be launch shortly in Indian market.In short Asus Zenphone 2 is a mid-range smartphone but offers the performance almost the equivalent of a flagship.If you want to know the latest news about the launch of Asus Zenphone 2 follow Asus on Facebook.

Also Check:-Samsung Galaxy Wide

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

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Reasons you should buy a samsung laptop

Technology is in the path of sudden growth in all aspects.Due to the latest technological advances lifestyle of society changed a lot.The advancement in technology improves the standard of living of people.The invention of many devices helps to reduce the human effort in all fields of work.The use of computers is vital in all fields like research,education etc.While dealing with computers you can see the tremendous growth in this field.Major players in the manufacture of computers are Apple,Samsung,Lenovo etc.In early times desktop computers which has a big size is used.Now it is replaced with laptop computers which is small as compared to desktop computers.

Many laptop computers are available in the market with different specifications and properties.For each applications different models are available.If you are interested in gaming then laptops with specifications for playing games are available in the market.The selection of laptop entirely depends on the individual requirements.As i said earlier there are many players in the market and they have different models with different specifications.

One of the biggest manufacturer in laptop computer is samsung.As you know samsung is well known for their smart phones and tablets.Also samsung's laptops are good as their smartphones.There are certain reasons that distinguishes samsung from other laptop manufactures.The reasons are listed below:-

Reasons you should buy a samsung laptop

1)Design Of Laptop

The main feature of samsung laptop is its pretty and stylish design.The design of samsung laptop is superior as compared to other laptops.They have a very unique design with high quality material.The primary reason that one who loves samsung laptop is its mind blowing design.


Samsung laptops have a stunning display.The leading smart phone maker comes with good HD Display laptops that runs very far ahead as compared to its competitors.Samsung laptops have Full HD display that is capable of playing any Videos with live experience.Display of samsung is sharper with generous viewing angles.


Samsung Laptops comes with superior quality in all respects.It is made with good quality material that resists wear.The main feature of samsung laptops is that they have a longer life as compared to others.Different tests like Shock Test,Long life test etc are conducted before entry innto the market.

The above features make samsung laptops as one of the best available laptops in the market.In addition to the above mentioned features there are many other unique features like Good audio system,high performance,long life,stunning keyboards and touchpads etc.I prefer you to buy the samsung laptops since it is high in performance and class.It has a stylish look that differentiates it from other laptops.Though there are many reason available for buying a samsung laptop,the final decision regarding the selection of laptops must be done only according to your requirements.Samsung has different models available for gaming,performance etc.The final selection must be done after realising your needs.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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Car accessories in Chennai for a Ritzy Ride

Riding a Luxury car is an awesome experience.Just think about riding a super car through your favorite place.Many Luxury cars are now available in our market like Rolls Royce,BMW,Audi etc.Due to globalisation many car manufactures from abroad comes into india as their new playground.Luxury cars comes with all accessories and facilities which provides you with awesome ride experience.For a ritzy ride you need a high end Luxury car.While thinking about car accessories,many new cars in the market comes with awesome accessories for safety as well as for ride quality.The air bag system introduced by benz is an accessory which protects you from accidents.

Modern cars have many accessories to enhance the safety of the passengers as well as to provide good ride.Recent news tells that smart light dipping system is about to come to modern cars.This will reduce the problems caused due to heavy intensity of lamps during night drive.Big giants in the car industry is in constant research for new technologies that improve the performance as well as the safety of the cars.Many of you don't know that the technologies that we see in modern cars comes from the Formula one racing cars.

While coming to the interior of the cars we always concerned with the style and look.Some of you like classy look while others like sports.In case of interior design luxury cars stands in the top position.Of the interior accessories the one which attracts your mind is the stereo system in the car.Good stereo system is the trademark of luxury cars.You probably know the stereo system of philips,beats etc.If your car is not equipped with a stereo system then you can buy it from shops.Car stereo in chennai can be found out from many shops inside the city.Generally there will be a dedicated showroom in the city for purchasing stereo system.For a comfortable ride you need certain things.Below are the basic accessories you need while driving through big cities:-

Car accessories in Chennai for a Ritzy Ride

1)Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner in short A/C is very much required for a comfortable riding.As the big cities are always in hot you need A/C for a better drive.Almost all cars comes with build-in A/C facility but some of the base models lack the Air conditioning facility.In summer Air Conditioning is necessary in big cities for a comfortable ride.

2)Route Navigator

Global Positioning System or GPS is an American system.It provides you an extra comfort while you are in an unfriendly road.If you are in the middle of a city and if you want to go to another place then GPS helps you a lot.GPS as the name suggest gives you the directions and other informations regarding the roads.Luxury cars have build-in navigation systems but the average cars lack the GPS system.

3)Stereo System

Music is something that helps you to reduce your stress while driving.Hearing music while driving helps to enjoy the ride.Stereo systems are available in wide varieties and costs.The quality of Stereo system is important while selecting one for your car.Luxury cars have a good build-in stereo system.Average cost cars lack stereo system but you can get a good stereo system from a nearby shops.

The above mentioned are just a few accessories that you need for a better and comfortable ride.There are many other accessories like power window,Power steering,Automatic Transmission etc also available which provides you better comfort while driving.Another important accessory which you think about is the tyre.Car tyres also plays a vital role in providing you comfort while driving.Car tyres in Chennai can be easily available from shops in the city.Selection of good tyres for your car has vital importance.For a better appearance you can use stickers available in the market.There are many varieties of stickers available which suits you best.Car stickers in Chennai is readily available in many stores around the city.The use of stickers will help to have a better look for your car.So above are some accessories that helps you for a comfortable ride.Selection of these accessories must be done carefully based on your needs.

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Monday, 6 April 2015

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Tips on insuring your car in Chennai

Insurance in simple words is a form of risk management when any uncertain loss occurs.According to wikipedia "Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment".Insuring your costly belongings is very important as we can't able to say what happens in next hour.Insurance is available in many forms like Life Insurance,House Insurance,Car Insurance and much more.Many Insurance companies are available in the town and the selection of best Insurance company that suits your need is very important.All Insurance companies have their own terms and conditions and before selecting a company you must read the terms and conditions very well.

In this post we can discuss about insuring the cars as it is the most needy thing.Cars can met with accidents anytime on road and according to rules Insuring cars is compulsory.In busy cities like Chennai,Bangalore etc you must insure your cars before taking to roads.The available automobile insurance in chennai can be found out easily from internet.Before insuring your car you must need to know some tips about car insurance.How much you pay for car insurance depends on variety of factors like your age,where you live,what type of car you drive etc.Below are some tips you must know before going for car insurance:-

Tips on insuring your car in Chennai

1)Compare Car Insurance

There are many insurance companies available and selection must be done carefully.Generally insurance companies provide cheapest prices for their new customers and rarely offer to their existing customers.Also think about the cover insurance company gives you.Compare different insurance companies and select the best that suits your need.

2)Distance You Drive

Before selecting the insurance think about how far you drive your car per year.If you drive shorter distance you can save money from insurance.This is really helpful for families having two cars in which one drive more distance while other for shorter distance per year.

3)Type of Vehicle

Insurance premiums are very much depend on the type of car you drive.If you car is a luxury one or a sports car you must pay more insurance than for ordinary cars.Insuring a high-performance car can easily cost two or three times the insurance amount for an ordinary model.So think about Insurance also before buying a car.

These are some important tips you must know while going for insurance.Insuring cars in big cities like Chennai,Mumbai etc must be done carefully.Details about car insurance in Chennai can be easily found out from websites available on internet.Compare different car insurances online before going with one.Car insurance renewal must be done in appropriate time before the date your insurance insurance renewal in Chennai can be done easily using the Insurance Companies websites.Follow these tips before going with an Insurance company.The most important thing is to read their terms and conditions carefully as some companies provide cover for car body only and other provide cover for medical expenses also.So read and understand the terms and conditions primarily before selecting an Insurance company.

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